Poptropica Cheats!!!

Mystery Train Island!

It’s Poptropica’s Birthday!

Here are the cheats!

Are YouTube Channel will be 1000Starbucks so we will make YouTube video’s!

Also, we may borrow other video’s because The Team is all Non-Members since Our Parents said “No!”

Poptropica 4th Birthday

There’s a new 4th Birthday Costume available in the game. You have a small chance of finding it whenever you go into one of the common rooms in the game. When you enter, you’ll see a bunch of balloons fall from the ceiling and if you’re lucky, one of them will be the special 4th Birthday Balloon. It’s blue with a big orange number 4 on it. Click on that balloon to pop it, and you’ll get your own special 4th Birthday Costume. It’s a giant birthday cake costume with a “4″ hat. The special move, which you activate when you press the space bar, is a cool cake throw.

Tip: The best common room to visit is the Soda Pop Shop in Early Poptropica. It’s a small area, so you can quickly see if the balloon is there or not. If it isn’t, just exit and go back in to try again. The balloon is rare, so you may need to try a lot of times before you get it!

Poptropica Inspector - 4th Birthday BalloonInspector Fierce Moon looks for the birthday balloon.

D.C. Diner Coming Soon!

The Poptropica Creators posted a quick sneak preview of an upcoming mini-game called D.C. Diner, which will be available “very soon.” They don’t reveal much about this new mini-game, except that it will be all about Mystery Train Island. In the game, Poptropicans are all getting ready to board the train to the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893. But before they get on board, they want to eat at the D.C. Diner. It looks like the object of the game will be to serve them the food that they’re ordering. It sounds a lot like the classic game of Diner Dash.

Post image for D.C. Diner Coming Soon

This new mini-game will probably be available as the sneak preview for Mystery Train Island on the main Poptropica Map. For the last few islands, they’ve made special sneak peek mini-games available for a week or two before the island itself is released for members. Most recently, we had the Sumo Wrestling game for Red Dragon Island and the Shrink Shot game for Shrink Ray Island.



New Daily Pop Post!

Have you been looking at the Daily Pop section of Poptropica lately? It looks like the creators are posting some early concept art sketches of another new island they’re thinking of. It looks really cool. Here’s one of the screenshots. What do you think it’s about? It looks like a figure with a cape running towards a house inside a tree. Could it be something like Fairy Tale Island? I’ve always thought an island on Poptropica where you meet with famous characters from fairy tales would be incredibly cool.

Poptropica Island Sketch

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The newest island on Poptropica will be called Mystery Train Island. It appeared today on the main Poptropica map (when you travel from island to island in the Poptropica Blimp) but very little information about the island has been released. Other than, well, it has a train. And a mysterious one at that. And sadly, that’s all we know for now. But that won’t keep us from guessing at what the island will be all about!

If you follow the sneak peeks section of Daily Pop, then you’ll see that the Poptropica Creators have been posting a few clues about the new island, including this image of some of the main characters you’ll meet there. It looks like it will have a retro look and take place sometime in the late 1800′s–the Golden Age of steam trains. Hmmm, Steamworks Island, Wild West Island, and now Mystery Train Island. Someone at Poptropica loves the 1800′s!

Poptropica Mystery Train Island Characters

Poptropica Mystery Train Island

What do you think about the new Island?
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It’s a big day on Poptropica. First of all, everyone can now play Shrink Ray Island. So if you’re not a member, head over there now and check it out. Don’t forget our complete guide with all the cheats, tips, secrets and help for the newest island on Poptropica.

Well, it won’t be the newest island for very long!

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New Built Board!

Today I was on Poptropcia and and I saw the new

Kidz Bop 20’s new album.

Well I dont’t like Kidz Bop 20 just to tell you!

Also, I have a new Avatar

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Hey it’s Danny25555,

Today Poptropica made a new post!

There’s a new item this week in the Poptropica Store: The Shrink Ray gun!

Wield the Shrink Ray gun to shrink any of the characters you come across in your Poptropica adventures!

The Shrink Ray gun is free for Poptropica Members, and 150 credits for non-Members. And don’t forget, Shrink Ray Island will be open to the public one week from today!
Cool Right? Well it’s bad for me since I’m a nonmember!

By Danny25555

I wonder if they’ll ever have a Harry Potter style island on Poptropica. There have been a few wizards and wizard references (like the Twisted Wizard game or all the magic in Astro-Knights) but there hasn’t been anything really like the world of Harry Potter. Maybe they’ll do an advertisement mission when the DVDs come out.

Want to talk more about the new movie?

P.S. Even there isn’t an official Harry Potter Island, that hasn’t kept us Poptropica fans from being creative about wishing for one! Check out these fan sites featuring Harry Potter in Poptropica Idea’s!

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